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Session Descriptions 2023

Just check out these amazing sessions you can choose from!

We are still adding a few more session descriptions so check back

Essential Oil Safety/ Blending - Dr. Kevin Dunn

This hands-on workshop will introduce members to resources for handling and using essential oils safely. We will also train our noses to distinguish between different scents. Finally, we will learn how to quickly and conveniently experiment with blending different oils together to produce pleasing combinations.


Marketing Resources - Olivia Bailey

There are a number of marketing resources available to small businesses looking to grow. This session will be a discussion on identifying your audience, learning the platforms, and best practices for engagement on social media and digital platforms. We will dive into business storytelling, digital advertising, and content creation.


Value Added Food Products from the Farm - Sandy Stoneman

Have you been wanting to expand your product line by adding food items to your farm shelves? Do you know what the regulations are or how you can go this route with your business? This session will demystify the regulation mine field and illustrate what you need to know and do,  to expand your food product offerings at your farm.


Labeling 101- Allison Vought

Allison presents an amazing amount of labeling information, all of which is absolutely essential
to any business that is considering labeling cosmetic products!

  • Overview of labeling requirements.

  • Summary of regulatory requirements (FDA, FTC, EPA).

  • Basic cosmetic labeling guidelines for placement/labels for inner and outer containers.

  • Labeling regulations for cosmetics.

  • FDA terminology.

  • Private label requirements


Insurance Nuts and Bolts- protecting your business- Russell Bird

What insurance do I need, what will it protect, how do I find an agent who understands my business. These questions are recurring on an every day basis in every Lavender Growers group. knowing the right questions goes long way to finding the coverages you require to protect your business


Business Basics-  Part one -Marc Hight

 Are you worried about what prices to charge for your products? Are afraid of raising prices for fear of alienating your customers? Are you equally afraid that you might be leaving money on the table because of your hesitance? This talk is the first in a two-part presentation about the basics of thinking about pricing and price theory. In this first talk, we will discuss some basic economic concepts and then apply them to the standard 'cost-plus' pricing strategy. We will conclude with a discussion of some guidelines on how to think about pricing your products generally. Part ONE

Pricing For Profit- Part two - Marc Hight

The second part of a two-part presentation about pricing, this talk focuses on some of what we have learned from behavioral economics about how to both present prices effectively and raise them without alienating customers. We will conclude by discussing a number of insights about how to present your prices (both on-line and in brick-and-mortar stores) effectively.


Soap Making workshop- Debrena Gordon

Learn how this ancient art of taking oils and lye can be turned into a fabulous bar of soap and then into a wonderful business selling your creations. If you have ever wanted to add soap to your product line this session provides so much more than a video can ever do. Learn the nuances of the different oils and more importantly understand "trace" as you have a hands on lesson and make your own bar to take home. 


Soaping Basics- Catherine McGinnis

Catherine has been making soap and teaching others how to perfect their craft for years. From choosing the right oils to both cold process and hot process methods, this session will introduce you to the fabulous world of soapmaking. 


Hot Process Soap Making- Catherine McGinnis

Our Friday soap making classes will introduce you to how to make Hot Process soap, using a kit from Essential Depot. 


Diversification to expand your revenue stream - Ellen Reynolds

After 20 plus years in business Ellen has been able to turn a brief Lavender season into  year round business. If you are ready to create a year round business, instead of a 6 week Lavender Season, learn what your options are. It depends on how creative you and just by  adding a few minor additions to your farm you can bring in year round revenue. 


Social Media Basics Utilizing platforms- Alex Veatch

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Business...these all have one thing in common - good visuals! Whether you are on one platform or all of them, the key is having great visuals. We'll take a look at utilizing Canva as a tool to ensure your branding is spot-on for all your social media channels. This will be a casual working session where we will move through basic design principles, using Canva, and creating branded graphics for business. Bring your laptop to follow along and create during the session.


Distillation- Lisa Gray, David and Leigh Thornton

From the basics of choosing a still to meet your needs,  to the nuts and bolts of Distillation this class will include the opportunity to watch a distillation from start to finish,  bring your questions. Several stills will be on display.


Value Added Grants- Allison Horseman and Mary Ann May

Writing a USDA grant can be a daunting task when you need funding for a new farm. What can they used for, how do you implement them and then the reporting aspect is key to applying again in the future.  Let Allison and Mary Ann explain the nuances  to writing and executing one of these business altering grants

CBD- is it a fit for your business? Dr. Jeffrey Mueller MD, Nicolas Maltagliati

This session will address your questions and concerns if you are considering adding CBD into your products. If you have been on the fence, bring your questions and ask the experts. 


Beekeeping and Honey - David Thornton

Have you wanted to be a beekeeper and start your own apiary? Where do you start? Let this experienced Beekeeper answer those questions for you. 


The Power of Photo & Video in Modern Marketing"
Why photo and video are crucial to successful marketing- How to capture better imagery that will resonate with your target audience by telling a story that sells without selling

  • - How to accompany these images with verbiage

  • - Where to share these images and videos to gain traction

  • - Overthinking simplicity - the pitfall of modern marketing

  • - How you can get started today and plan for tomorrow


Bees, Butterflies and Pollinators-Ellen Reynolds

Lavender is loved by bees. butterflies and other pollinators. Pollinator gardens, butterfly gardens and planting specific plants for the native bees and honey bees can expand your business. Learn how to attract these important insects to your property and help add to your revenue stream.

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