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Celebrate Lavender

Novice to Expert - Never Stop Learning

Join us for the first Celebrate Lavender Conference! This 3 day conference includes nationally known speakers who truly personify, Never Stop Learning.  Registration includes an optional Friday evening get together, all sessions on Saturday and Sunday, all meals including a special Saturday evening meal and entertainment, a swag bag and post conference access to hand outs from all speakers.

In addition, running concurrently with the conference, there are several hands on sessions on Sunday morning. These sessions will have an additional fee due to material costs. These sessions will have limited attendance and be first come, first serve due to the hands-on component. Be sure to scroll down to see the workshops and register for them if interested.

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We are proud to have support from the following sponsors. If you would like to be a sponsor please click the button below or message us, we would love to put your name out in front of our attendees at this conference.

General Session

We are very excited to have Dr. Kevin Dunn, from Hampden- Sydney College as our Keynote Speaker for Celebrate Lavender.

We have an extensive list of breakout sessions, see our list below. Our exact schedule will be updated as soon as we hear from several more of our speakers. 

Our speaker list and bios are almost ready. Click the menu in the upper right hand corner of the website, to see who is presenting. We have an amazing selection of speakers covering a wide range of topics. 

Breakout Sessions

There will be 3 Tracks of sessions

Business, Growing and Product Making 

  • Value Added Grants                                
  • Soap Making Basics
  • Essential Oil Analysis
  • Pricing For Profit
  • CBD Is It For You
  • FDA - Product Labeling
  • Food Safety Regulations & Culinary Products
  • Tourism as part of your revenue stream
  • Diversification For Year-Round Revenue
  • Bee Keeping
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Fungal and Disease Issues
  • Product Making - Sourcing Supplies
  • Agritourism
  • Business Basics
  • Social Media

Saturday Schedule

Business Track

7-9                  Registration

8-9                  Vendors

9-10:30           Keynote

10:30- 11:45    Partnerships/ Collaborations

11:45-1:00       Lunch/ Vendors

1:00-2:15         Business Basics

2:15-3:30         Social Media- How to...

3:30-4:00        Vendors

4:00-5:15         Essential Oil Analysis

5:15-5:30          General session

6:00 until        Dinner/ Evening entertainment

Growing Track

7-9                 Registration

8-9                 Vendors

9-10:30          Keynote

10:30-11:45    Cultivars old and new

11:45-1:00      Lunch and Vendors

1:00-2:15        Value Added Grants

2:15-3:30        Diseases and Fungal Issues

3:30-4:00      Vendors

4:00-5:15       Propagation

5:15-5:30        General session

6:00 until     Dinner/Evening entertainment  

Product Track

7-9                 Registration

8-9                 Vendors                 

9-10:30          Keynote

10:30-11:45    CBD is it for you

11:45-1:00       Lunch and Vendors

1:00-2:15         FDA product labeling regulation

2:15-3:30         Essential Oil Safety/blending

3:30-4:00       Vendors 

4:00-5:15        Soap Making Basics and More

5:15-5:30         General Session

6:00 until       Dinner/ Evening Entertainment        

Sunday Schedule

Business Track

8-9                Vendors

9-9:30           Lavender Trails

9:30-10:45    Diversification/year round revenue

10:45-12:00   Grant writing basics

12:00-1:15       Lunch and Vendors

1:15-2:30         Insurance- nuts and bolts

2:30-3:00       Vendors

3:00-4:15        Pricing for Profit

4:15-5:00        Close         

Growing Track

8-9                  Vendors

9:00-12:00      Distillation



12:00-1:15         Lunch and Vendors

1:15-2:30           Bee Keeping

2:30-3:00         Vendors

3:00-4:15         TBA

4:15-5:00          Close     

Product Track

8-9                    Vendors

9-10:30             Soap Making Session #1

                          Soap Making

10:30-12:00      Soap Making Session #2       

12:00-1:15          Lunch and Vendors

1:15-2:30           Food Safety Regulations

2:30-3:00         Vendors

3:00- 4:15         Make it Fizz 

4:15-5:00          Close

learn by doing

Hands on Workshops

As promised we have added workshops with a hands on component. They will have limited attendance  due to the nature of the activity, so sign up early.

Soap making

Learn on site how to make soap. This hands on class will be limited to two sessions of 10. The bar of soap you make you will be able to take home with you. Why watch a video when you can actually feel exactly what trace means?  There will be two time slots, but identical sessions, to provide more opportunities for hands on learning.


Anyone can watch a video, but learning how to set up the still, pack it and watch it as it works its magic, gives you a whole different experience. Have you ever smelled the Lavender as it comes from the condenser?. Nothing beats actually participating in a distillation. We will have several different set ups so you can learn which method works for you.


If you have ever tried to propagate your own plants and had an epic failure, this class is for you. You will receive ellepots and there will be cuttings of several cultivars which you will process and take home.  

learn by doing

Celebrate Lavender 2023

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Mar 24-26 2023