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Session Descriptions 2024

Our final schedule is waiting for a couple of speakers to verify their arrival schedules.

Our Keynote Speaker- Donna Maria

The Ultimate Trifecta: A 3-step approach to grow your business and live the life you love

In our Keynote presentation, The Ultimate Trifecta, certified entrepreneur mentor Donna Maria reveals a 3-part framework for growing your business with ease and clarity while also creating joy and meaning in your everyday life -- without adding more stress to your work week. If your audience follows this step-by-step process, they'll leverage the power of systems and focus to lead their businesses and their lives -- without compromising either one.

In this keynote presentation, Donna Maria breaks down the precise 3-step approach she used to build a business that has withstood the test of time, delivering joy, profitability and meaning for nearly a quarter century. Attendees will leave with a specific high level strategic approach to clarify, improve and refine their businesses. They'll discover how to design success not just from a financial viewpoint but also from a personal one, for we all know that true success is about so much more than money.

Combining personal stories and humor with pragmatic experience and advice, Donna Maria will guide attendees on a fresh and exciting business journey toward the intersection of joy, profit and meaning -- where we will all meet together to find The Ultimate Trifecta.

Come ready to learn and take notes, ask your questions, and take your life and your business to a whole new level.


Certified Naturally Grown                  

Emily Bond Papadopoulos                     

Emily started her farm, Mountain Air Farm, in Independence VA in 2019. As  a women owned business she decided to follow the practices of Certified Naturally Grown, CNG, on her Lavender farm. One of the tenants of CNG is growing with no use of synthetic fertilize, pesticides chemicals or GMOs. Learn if CNG is for you and how how being CNG can benefit your business. Join Emily and learn why she chose CNG certification for her lavender operation. She'll cover certification benefits, the difference between CNG and organic, peer review inspection, awesome marketing perks, and why lavender growers, specifically, find CNG to be a great fit! 


Identifying diseases - Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot 

 Dr. Steven Jeffers- Ph.D. Clemson University

Why should you be concerned about this phytpohrra in your fields? Is this a situation which might affect you? How do you identify it and what if you have infected plants? How do you keep from bringing this disease onto your property? 

These are just a few of the burning questions which growers will have answered in this informative session. 


From Handcrafted to Digital GOLD: Crafting Your Business Online 

Zakia Ringgold

Whether you're a beginner in the online world or aiming to elevate your skills, this workshop is your go-to resource for mastering websites, social media, and our straightforward yet impactful Digital GOLD Framework. Learn simple techniques to set up and improve your website, transforming it into a potent business tool. Discover effective strategies to stand out on social media, connecting with your audience and boosting your business. We'll introduce our step-by-step framework, making the process of expanding your business online clear and straightforward. Don't let this chance pass by—seize the opportunity to shape an online identity for your brand that truly stands out. Your digital gold is ready to be uncovered!



Dr. Kevin Dunn, Ph.D.  Hampden-Sydney 

Why do oils from the same variety of plants result in different properties?                                                    Can location, soil, and even climate drastically affect the resulting essential oil? Learn how these are other factors can and will produce a different outcome as you distill your oils.


“How we Buy: The Behavioral Economics of Price Presentation

 Dr. Marc A. Hight Ph.D. Hampden-Sydney

Understanding the psychology behind pricing is key to a successful business. Let’s distill some of the insights and theories of contemporary behavioral science about how process information and think when they buy. The theme concerns the importance of understanding ourselves as humans in order to understand those who buy our products. After spending some time interactively educating ourselves, we will turn and discuss a number of practical applications including how to present prices to improve both our connection with our customers and to improve sales. This is an interactive session, audience participation will be key. 


Crafting with Chemistry

Dr. Kevin Dunn Ph.D Hampden-Sydney

Join Kevin as he shares interesting and little known Soap making tips. Who knew Chemistry could be this fun and you end up with a usable product. 



David and Leigh Thorton                            Soul Soleil Lavender Farm

Bees love Lavender, some cultivars more than others. Learn from expert beekeepers who happen to also own a lavender farm. They have taken a family farm, updated plantings with fields of Lavender and introducing bees have turned their passions into a viable tasty based business. They sell honey and lavender infused honey and will be discussing the nuances of creating value added products in a second session.


VDACS Regulations - Simple Syrup. How do I add food items to my product line? 

David and Leigh Thornton                         Soul Soleil Lavender Farm

One of the products many growers want to make is Simple Syrup, being a sugar based product there are many barriers when bringing it to market.  Have you been wanting to expand your product line by adding this or other food items to your farm shelves? Do you know what the regulations are or how you can go this route with your business? This session will demystify the regulation mine field and illustrate what you need to know and do,  to expand your food product offerings at your farm. 


Blooming Beauty: Unveiling Skincare Trends, MoCRA Updates, and the Power of Private Label for Lavender Growers              

 Allison Vaught - Alimar Labs

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the beauty landscape at the Lavender Growers Conference. Our presentation, "Blooming Beauty," promises an insightful journey into the latest skincare trends, the intricacies of the Modernization of Cosmetic Regulation Act (MoCRA) updates, and the strategic opportunities that private label skincare manufacturing holds for small producers, particularly for lavender enthusiasts.

Beginning with a deep dive into skincare trends, we'll dissect potential buyer demographics in the United States. From clean beauty to sustainability, we'll connect these trends to the unique qualities of lavender and how growers can align their offerings with market demands.
Navigating the regulatory seas, we'll unravel the implications of MoCRA updates on the skincare industry. Stay ahead of compliance standards and safety regulations, ensuring a seamless integration for lavender growers venturing into skincare. Understanding the regulatory landscape is key to thriving in this evolving market.

A focal point of our presentation will be the transformative potential of private label skincare manufacturing for small producers. Uncover the advantages of crafting your own brand, tailoring products to showcase the essence of lavender. We'll share insights into the benefits, challenges, and steps for success, drawing inspiration from real-world case studies.

Drawing parallels between lavender cultivation and skincare product development, our session will demonstrate how growers can diversify their revenue streams. From cultivating the fields to creating captivating finished skincare products, attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge to turn their passion into a profitable venture.

In the heart of this captivating presentation lies the opportunity for lavender enthusiasts to not only contribute to the beauty industry but also to create a unique identity within it. Join us for a session that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with the innovation of skincare, promising a fragrant and flourishing future for lavender growers.


Insurance Nuts and Bolts- protecting your business

Russell Bird- Lester Insurance

What insurance do I need, what will it protect, how do I find an agent who understands my business. These questions are first  and foremost on most growers minds, especially if you will have visitors to the farm. Knowing the right questions goes long way to finding the coverages you require to protect your business

Cold Process Soap Making workshop

Debrena Gordon- Blue Spring Run Farm 

Learn how this ancient art of taking oils and lye can be turned into a fabulous bar of soap and then into a wonderful business selling your creations. If you have ever wanted to add soap to your product line this session provides so much more than a video can ever do. Learn the nuances of the different oils and more importantly understand "trace" as you have a hands on lesson and make your own bar to take home. 


Hot Process Soap Making

Kim McNutt  - Essential soap

Our Friday soap making classes will introduce you to how to make Hot Process soap, using Essential Oils. This process creates a soap which can be used in days rather than a traditional 6 week time period. Learn how to customize your soap with scent, color and create custom bars, Be creative and make a soap for your needs.


Agritourism- diversifying your business to add to your revenue stream 

Ellen Reynolds - Beagle Ridge Herb Farm 

After 20 plus years in business Ellen has been able to turn a brief Lavender season into  year round business. If you are ready to create a year round business, instead of a 6 week Lavender Season, learn what your options are. It depends on how creative you and just by  adding a few minor additions to your farm you can bring in year round revenue. 


Social Media Deep Dive                              
Alex Veatch - Letter Press

The savvy marketer knows that community powers growth. For small businesses, strategic social media marketing offers opportunities to increase brand awareness and engage an audience while scaling up. 
In this interactive class, you’ll learn a variety of community-powered social media strategies for the top channels used by small businesses: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Business. Better yet, you’ll add plenty of actionable tips and tricks to your marketing toolkit:
- Hone your brand and your target audience.

-Discover prime posting frequencies and other social media best practices.

-Grow audience engagement.

- Learn where you should “pay to play” (a.k.a. spend your advertising dollars).

-Identify minimal viable efforts! (If you do nothing else, do this!)


Batch Reporting to be FDA  compliant                 

Kimberlee Nagel Hodges - Essential Depot

Best Manufacturing practices need to be followed when creating your own products. Learn how Batch Control Reporting brings you into compliance when making products in house.  Learn how to protect your business by following FDA regulations, batch control and record keeping

***************************************************************************************** Leveraging AI for Business

Chad Thompson  Chadeveryday

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword but a pivotal tool for competitive advantage, businesses stand at the threshold of transformation. This enlightening session is designed specifically for business owners & professionals eager to explore AI's vast potential in revolutionizing their operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving unprecedented growth.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is AI?: An introduction to AI and its relevance. We'll break down complex concepts into understandable insights, showcasing how AI is accessible and beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

  • Practical Applications: Discover how to apply AI technologies in real-world scenarios, from automating customer service with chatbots to leveraging data analytics for personalized marketing strategies.

  • Innovation Strategies: Learn how to integrate AI into your business model to foster innovation, streamline operations, and create value for your customers.

  • Getting Started with AI: Practical steps to begin your AI journey, including how to identify the right AI solutions for your business needs and tips for seamless integration.

This session will include a live demonstration of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot with remarkable capabilities

Audience participation will be encouraged.


Tea Blending                                                       

 Jessee  Lee Dean- Appalachian Tea Company

Are you a tea lover? Do you sell tea in your shop? Appalachian Tea Company's founder will teach you how they blend their unique blends. 


Creating a Labyrinth

Susan Kegley- Bees n Blooms Lavender Farm

Whether you create a traditional Labyrinth which includes the circular shape for meditative walking or a non traditional shape, there is a lot of planning to make it successful. Learn how to assess your property, choose the right cultivars and what the upkeep of the plants will require. All these steps will determine the lang term success of your project. 


Growing Revenue Fields: Harnessing Vendor Events to Cultivate Revenue and Brand Awareness for Your New Lavender Farm. Marketing your Farm before your lavender is ready for visitation

Laureen Steinhart - Max Meadows Lavender Farm

How do you promote and build your lavender business when your plants will not be ready for several years and you need to grow your business. Laureen and her husband decided to hit the road and attend the show circuit to promote the business in anticipation for when their farm would be ready for visitors. Join Laureen for an engaging presentation on how to increase revenue and cultivate success as a new lavender farm through the strategic implementation of vendor events. This session is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips for leveraging vendor events to attract customers, build brand awareness, and boost sales. Explore the concept of vendor events and understand how they can be a powerful revenue-generating tool for your lavender farm.  Learn how to identify and select events that align with your brand and target market, ensuring a cohesive and appealing event experience. Learn techniques to optimize sales during vendor events, including pricing strategies, product bundling, and upselling techniques. Gain insights into tracking and evaluating the success of your vendor events, including key metrics to monitor and areas for improvement. Whether you're just starting your lavender farm or looking to expand your revenue streams, this presentation will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to leverage vendor events as a powerful tool for growth and success. 
Learn their tricks and tips which have led to this point where they open for the public this summer. 

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